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Whenever you use your mobile phone outside of your home country, whether it is to make or receive calls, send text messages, or use data, you are exposing yourself to high roaming charges.

What if there was a solution that gave you local rates at home, as well as local numbers and access to local rates for calls, texts and data in multiple countries on a single SIM card?

There is! That is why we have partnered with Truphone Local Anywhere, so that next time you travel overseas, you can save money and avoid those high cost roaming charges.

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What is Truphone Local Anywhere?

Truphone Local Anywhere is the one smart SIM that saves you money and keeps you local, home and away.

In Truphone countries (UK & USA initially with more being added soon) you can:

  1. Pay what locals pay (e.g. calls from 10p/min in USA, and 15p/min in UK)
  2. Add phone numbers for each Truphone country so friends there can reach you without paying for an international call (even if you are not in the country)
  3. Receive calls for free* on any of your Truphone phone numbers
  4. Pay less for international calls - from 8p/min

If you're travelling elsewhere, get low cost roaming in over 185 countries – from 25p/min in EU.

You can purchase a Truphone Local Anywhere SIM Card from just £14.99, and this includes £10.00 calling credit.

Find out more about Truphone Local Anywhere, see all of the call rates, and buy your SIM card.